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A Complete Production Package

Example Production - Complete Direct and Design Project

Whilst I am happy to work on any single aspect of production related work - as a director or designer, performance coach or devisor of newly commissioned works for a specific group - I am always thrilled to have the opportunity to create a complete visual performance - showcasing the particular talents and skills of the performers in a bespoke staging.


Jekyll and Hyde (Wildhorn/Bricusse)

I was delighted to complete this project as Director, Designer and maker - the company of 46 singers, worked on the show for around 5 months, completed a creative photography project which allowed the production of 52 short movies (the ever moving background for the performances) - additionally, I made the 72 steampunk costumes that allowed the company to have bespoke tailoring for the show. Images from the production and logo packs were also provided to the company for use in publicity schemes and formed the basis of their souvenir programmes.  To read reviews of Jekyll and Hyde - follow link above


Music clips

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